In March 2016, Woodstock Hospital was able to purchase a new automatic coverslipper for $80,000 through proceeds from the Foundation`s 18th Annual Charity Golf Tournament and numerous community donations.

An automatic coverslipper is routinely used in our Laboratory to process tissue samples from patients. When tissue samples are taken and processed, such as during a biopsy, the sample is placed on a glass slide. The automatic coverslipper is used after the tissue is stained to put a thin plastic film on the slide so it can be examined by a Pathologist and stored.

”The new coverslipper has automated some of our processes, improving work flow and creating efficiencies in the processing of tissue samples,” said David Rupert, Director of Technical Services. ”We are grateful for the community`s support in purchasing this new piece of equipment.”

”We can now process 20 slides per minute, which is faster and more efficient than the former manual coverslipper,” said Terri-Lynn Wingrove, Medical Laboratory Technician Charge. “The new coverslipper seals efficiently, leaving less chances of air bubbles forming on the slides.”

The automatic coverslipper decreases the time it takes slides to reach our Pathologists for diagnosis, decreasing the wait time for surgeons to receive results and getting patients on the road to recovery quicker.

Integrated with our current tissue staining instruments, this new piece of equipment is a valuable addition to our Laboratory.

We thank all of our supporters for helping to bring this cutting edge technology to Woodstock Hospital.