In 2018, you helped fund the purchase of new cardiac monitors for our Critical Care Unit (CCU) and Emergency Department (ED). Your support transformed the level of seamless patient care Woodstock Hospital can offer its patients.

The new cardiac monitors in ED and CCU are key to providing continuous monitoring of a patient when they are transferred within the hospital. Previously, when cardiac patients were transferred between the ED and CCU, their monitoring lines had to be disconnected and then reconnected to the new monitor. The patient’s information would then have to be discharged from the previous monitor and re-associated with the new monitor. Not only does this create more work for caregivers, it also means an interruption in monitoring.

With the new cardiac monitors, the monitor itself can be transferred with the patient between the Emergency Room and the CCU. This allows all of the patient’s information to stay with them, and for continuous monitoring wherever they go within the hospital. The new monitors enhance patient safety and are highly specialized to meet the monitoring needs for critically ill patients in both departments.

The new monitors, which cost $384,000, will help the hospital respond to the growing needs of our community and ensure we have the latest in healthcare technology here, when it’s needed. Thank you to everyone who supported these new monitors.