“I’m still alive.”

When we first asked Fred Porter why he chose to give back to Woodstock Hospital that was his answer.

Fred’s journey with Woodstock Hospital started back in February 2018 when he had a large subcutaneous cyst removed from his back by Dr. Briggs. Subsequent tests revealed that he had a large tumour located near his left kidney. “The tumour was huge, it weighed eight pounds,” recalled Fred when Foundation staff chatted with him.

Fred underwent surgery at Woodstock Hospital on May 8, 2018 to have the tumour removed. In a five hour operation, Dr. Kamal assisted by Dr. Violette removed the tumour and Fred began his recovery.  “There were so many people involved in my care, and some I don’t even know about,” Fred shared.

Fred spent seven days at Woodstock Hospital and couldn’t say enough good things about the care he received. “The nurses are the ones we have to acknowledge because they are fantastic,” Fred stated “they treat patients with the utmost care.”

After being discharged on Mother’s Day, Fred and his wife Nelly chose to give back to Woodstock Hospital by making a donation. “We wanted to indicate how thankful we were for the fact I was still breathing. We didn’t think I would still be here today.” Fred and Nelly couldn’t decide which area of the hospital to give back to because so many played a vital role in Fred’s care. Instead they decided to make a donation to the greatest needs of the Hospital.

“We want to help in any way we can and we hope others are encouraged to give back and support our hospital; it’s not a third class area, it’s a first class area. Our hospital is the best and you can quote me on that,” exclaimed Fred.