A grateful patient is a patient, or their family, who is so thankful for the care they received at Woodstock Hospital that they choose to give back by donating to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation.

One such donor is Fredericke who told us what made her care so exemplary and inspired her to support the hospital. Here’s her story:

“I became a patient at WH when I had surgery. After my operation I woke up in the very early hours soaking wet from sweating. Thankfully a very kind nurse helped me with a bath ahead of schedule. This allowed me to return to bed comfortably and sleep until breakfast.

One week after surgery I moved to the Rehab Unit, staying there for about two weeks. The exercises in the physio room were fantastic and having the ability to walk with the walker from my room to the terrace where I could sit under the gazebo and observe the birds was wonderful. I remember one afternoon we went outside to the garden with the volunteer to pick little sweet tomatoes and herbs.

Two of the nurses taught me to play euchre and now I invite people to our house to play on Saturday evenings and I take more tricks!

I am very thankful to the staff for helping me to become more independent, which was so important when I returned home.

My care at the hospital was wonderful, thank you to everyone who made my experience a positive one.”

Fredericke believed so much in the work here at WH that she became a donor