In 2017, we fundraised for six new specialized beds for our Critical Care Unit (CCU). Among the need for these beds was a bariatric bed to accommodate patients weighing up to one-thousand pounds; something our CCU did not have.

The new bariatric bed comes with features designed to improve patient care and ensure staff safety. The bed comes with IntelliDrive, a power transport to ensure safe and efficient transportation of patients throughout the hospital. As well as, turn assist to make it easier for staff to perform linen changes and wound checks.

Patients in the CCU, especially bariatric patients, often spend an extended period of time immobile and require features that these beds have to improve their overall health and wellbeing. The bed comes with weight- based pressure redistribution to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers and can adjust lengthwise to adjust to fit the patient, minimizing the need for repositioning. For patient safety and to prevent falls, there is an exit alarm which will notify nurses if the patient tries to leave the bed, unassisted.

This new bariatric bed has been a great asset to our Critical Care Unit, since its purchase in January 2018. Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign for new CCU beds.