In March of 2017, Woodstock Hospital was able to purchase a new Neoprobe Gamma Detection System for our Surgical Services Department for $50,000 through numerous community donations to the Foundation.

The Gamma Probe is an important device that is used in surgery for patients with breast cancer. Surgeons use the probe on patients who are diagnosed early, to locate cancerous lymph nodes. Due to its outstanding directionality and sensitivity, the probe pin-points the exact location of lymph nodes, resulting in a less invasive surgery. While the probe is most commonly used for breast cancer detection, it can also be used in the early stages of melanoma and some abdominal cancers.

Before purchasing a new device, Woodstock Hospital was using a Gamma Probe that was over ten years old. Our new model is now wireless and more sensitive improving its performance in the operating room.

Since purchasing the new Gamma Probe, the device has improved the cancer journey for several patients at Woodstock Hospital. Those patients have benefited from a less aggressive procedure with fewer possible complications and the same outcome as major surgery.

The Woodstock Hospital Foundation thanks all of our supporters for investing in this life-changing technology and improving the patient experience at our hospital.