Project: Feel Be-You-tiful was created by a group friends who came together to inspire women to feel their best during their cancer journey. They held their inaugural fundraiser in February 2018, to raise money to purchase items that are given out to chemo patients to make their journey easier and help them feel more like themselves. 

Some of the items the group has purchased include: head scarves, spa gift cards, gift cards to Action Wigs & Hair Restoration, parking passes, and earrings, to name a few.

We had a chance to sit down and talk with gift recipient, Jessa Tune, to hear her thoughts about the impact Project: Feel Be-You-tiful is making. During her chemo treatments Jessa received three items: a one month parking pass for the hospital, a gift card for meals from Plant Inspired Kitchen, and a pair of earrings that she wore to every appointment afterwards.

“I think it is a wonderful program because you can see exactly where the money goes and the impact donor support makes,” shared Jessa, “receiving a parking pass was amazing and one last thing you have to worry about when you’re coming all the time to the hospital for different appointments.”

Project: Feel Be-You-tiful helps to not only ease the everyday necessities through parking passes and healthy meal vouchers, but to also makes women feel beautiful through gifts. Corinne, our Chemotherapy Resource Registered Nurse, said “Project: Feel Be-You-tiful has had a very positive impact to all our female patients. These gifts help women with their physical changes and self-esteem. Many of them are surprised that our community of women would band together to show their support.”

We are beyond thankful to the organizers and donors of Project: Feel Be-You-tiful. This program has made a huge impact to the outstanding care our chemo clinic provides patients. “I am happy I was able to come here over the larger centres for my treatment. Here I am a person, not a number and this program puts the hospital in an even better light,” shared Jessa.

Pictured is Jessa with her son and Jessa at the Woodstock Hospital Chemo Clinic. Jessa is wearing her gifted earrings in both photos.