Ray and Elva Murray met in the 1940s and were married for over 64 years. They both undoubtedly loved each other, but also their community. Brad Bennett, the couple’s cousin and estate planner, described them as always seeing the good in people: “Ray was a consummate gentleman, and Elva was above all else, a lady.”

Ray was sent from a wood processing plant in Montreal to work in Woodstock when he was seventeen. This was the beginning of a long, successful career with the wood manufacturing company, Wood-Mosaic, later named MacLean and Murray Industries. Ray would work at the plant well into his eighties. “Both were very intelligent, and Elva had a bit of a competitive streak in her. She would complain of some of her bridge scores well into her nineties!” Brad recalled.

Ray and Elva lived on Vansittart Avenue in Woodstock since the early 1950s. Ray passed away in 2007 at the age of 92, while Elva passed away gracefully a few years later in her 100th year. Brad said, “They were inseparable. For all who knew them you couldn’t think of one without the other.”

In the 1960, there was hardly a person in Woodstock who didn’t know the Murray’s. “They were always interested in those they were talking to. They talked with a person, never to a person.”

 When Brad talked to Elva about where she’d like their estate to go, she completely agreed with Woodstock Hospital, mentioning that it was a “civic-minded” choice.

 An estate is someone's property, possessions and other personal items. When a person passes away with a will, the estate is normally distributed according to the directions in the will. A will is a legal document that says who will inherit the estate after someone dies.

 “People think when they don’t have a will, their money will go to the government,” explains Brad. But in fact, the estate is distributed to the spouse and descendants. However, “by having a will, you designate who you’re intending to benefit. You can ensure funds go to a cause near and dear to your heart.”

 “It gives you peace of mind and great satisfaction knowing that you’re leaving a legacy to something that matters to you,” shares Brad. In the case of Ray and Elva, their legacy will live on through their donation to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation. The Foundation extends a special thank you for their contribution, which will help the hospital continue to deliver quality care through the latest technology and advancements in healthcare.