On May 28, 2013, Howard was having what he would describe as a routine day. “I had done the morning milking, went in for breakfast and was heading back to the barn, when suddenly I felt a strange kind of dizziness. I knew something was really wrong. I couldn’t determine what it was but I just knew it wasn’t right.”

Luckily, Howard has his cell phone in his pocket, and he quickly called his wife, Marlene, who immediately called an ambulance.

Howard had suffered a Right Pontine Infarct, or a right brain stroke that affected his left side. He could only move his left arm slightly but not without great concentration and patience. He didn’t have any fine motor skills and could only move his left leg minimally.

Howard was moved from Acute Care to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, where he would begin the long journey back to regaining his life.

Along the way, adaptive equipment was used to assist in his recovery. From the lifting devices in the Critical Care Unit to the walkers in rehab, equipment played a vital role in getting Howard back to his everyday life.