In 1971, Ray and Evelyn Fowler moved to Woodstock. They knew it was going to be a community that they would live in for a long time. Woodstock had everything they needed, including a community hospital.

“We wanted to give back to the hospital as a way of recognizing the services they provided to us over the years,” shared Ray Fowler. “We have a superior hospital in Woodstock that we are grateful to have so close to home.”

The couple has generously donated $120,000 to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation. Plaques honouring their donation are placed in the Post-Anesthetic Care Area and on a giving plaque hanging in the stairwell of our main foyer.

The Fowler’s will be married for 67 years this July. Their kindness and support is dearly appreciated. We extend a special thanks for their contribution, which will help us to continue to deliver quality care through the latest technology and advancements in healthcare.