In January 2017, Woodstock Hospital was able to purchase an additional ultrasound unit for $200,000 through numerous donations from the community.

Woodstock Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department completes close to 15,000 ultrasound exams each year, providing many different types of exams including abdomen, pelvic, obstetric, heart (echo), breast and various vascular exams to name a few. The department now has five ultrasound units and one echocardiogohary unit to meet the demand of exams needed in our community. You can now have an ultrasound exam with a shorter wait time and state-of-the-art equipment in a facility that offers accessibility for any further tests required after your initial scan.

Woodstock Hospital has a team of eight highly skilled professionals on staff, called sonographers, who provide their patients with exemplary care when performing their ultrasound scans. A sonographer provides images of the anatomy to a radiologist who interprets the exam. Sonographers must be knowledgeable in normal and abnormal pathology so that the correct images are provided to the radiologists.

“Everybody in the hospital uses ultrasound. The tool has many uses for men, women, children and seniors to gain advanced insights into the inner workings of the body without the use of radiation,” stated Derek Coenen, Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “A fifth ultrasound unit has helped us add 65 tests per week, which decreases wait times and allows Woodstock Hospital to deliver timely patient care.”

The ultrasound units provide beautiful, high quality, digital images for interpretations, which are accessible at other hospitals in the region. Specialists and obstetricians have instant access to your examination within the hospital and do not have to wait for hard copy reports. This means a quicker diagnosis and faster treatment for Woodstock Hospital patients, whether it is to help guide biopsies, diagnose heart conditions, or monitor pregnancies.

We thank all of our supporters for helping to bring another ultrasound unit to our hospital and hope you choose us for your next test!