At Woodstock Hospital we all strive for one goal: to provide the best in patient care to our community. For some staff members, providing excellence in healthcare doesn’t end at the bedside; they have chosen to make an even bigger impact by supporting the We Care Campaign, WHF’s internal staff giving campaign.

Every year we kick off our staff giving campaign at the end of February to encourage WH staff member’s to give a minimum of $5 off each pay cheque for a year. All proceeds raised through the campaign support the purchase of new or upgraded equipment, which improves patient care at Woodstock Hospital.

Our hospital family has long been strong supporters of the Foundation, and this year we are proud to say they have pledged $14,888.

Each pay cheque, staff members at Woodstock Hospital are choosing to make a small contribution to ensure better health care- through the funding of modern equipment- for yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbours. Just like everyone else, they have their own reasons for choosing to give back to the Foundation. Here are some of those reasons:

“The WH Foundation contributes in meaningful ways to help our hospital improve healthcare for our community.   To be a small part of the great work they do and to support them in their ongoing efforts to improve quality care is rewarding.”- Jennifer Ziegler, Director of HR & Occupational Health

“As a long time employee and Palliative Care Coordinator at Woodstock Hospital, I strongly believe in the importance of compassion, caring and delivering the highest quality of care to our community. I feel that the decision that I have made by supporting our foundation is most certainly a reflection of my values and my beliefs.”- Diane Murray, Registered Nurse and Palliative Care Coordinator

“To give to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation is to make sure we always maintain this beautiful facility and its equipment, so that we will always be able to provide our patients with the best and up to date care. This is something that’s important to me and that is why I support the Foundation.”- Bonnie Buchanan, Payroll Clerk and Scheduler

“I donate to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation for several reasons.  For me it’s firstly a memorial donation, a small token of thanks, and appreciation to the hospital and staff of Woodstock Hospital that took such good care of my late father, Nicola.  Secondly, I contribute to the WHF to support the work they do for the greater good of our community.” – Rina Deroo, Registered Nurse, Chemotherapy