The We Care Campaign is the Foundation's annual campaign designed to encourage all Woodstock Hospital staff members to give a minimum of $5 off their pay cheque for a year. 100% of the funds raised stay here at Woodstock Hospital to support the purchase of new equipment. Because technology is constantly evolving and improving we need to continuously update our existing equipment to provide our patients with the latest in healthcare technology.

Hosted from February 26- March 1, the campaign raised over $14,000 to support the equipment needs at Woodstock Hospital. Supporters of this year's event received a "I Care" pin to wear proudly as a dedicated supporter of Woodstock Hospital.

We asked some of our current staff donors why they support the foundation and this is what they said:

Woodstock Hospital is very important to me because it is my second family  I believe in supporting the Foundation through payroll deduction because WH is a great organization along with dedicated staff members that work here. This is the hospital in my community and I am proud to support the Foundation.”- Catherine Payne, Pharmacy

“Woodstock Hospital provides high quality compassionate care. The hospital is a wonderful place where everyone works together for the best patient outcome. I am happy to support the Hospital Foundation and giving back to the community.”- Randy Hicks, Director

“Woodstock Hospital has been my second home for the past 32 years.  They say charity begins at home, so giving back a little each pay is my way of helping.   You don’t notice that little extra deduction off each pay, but if everyone thinks the same way it makes a big difference.”- Kelly Danford, Registration/ Switchboard

“Never underestimate the big things a small hospital can achieve when that hospital has such amazing people backing it!”- Janet Pool, Patient Flow Coordinator

I think it is important for staff to embrace the hospitals vision for creating a better experience for patients and staff as they navigate challenges and celebrate successes. The foundation supports that, therefore I support the foundation.”- Susan Da Ponte, Nurse