In honour of National Volunteer week coming up on April 7-13, we sat down with one of the Foundation’s own volunteers, Jonathan Kestle. Jonathan is the Chair of our Heart FM’s Give Thanks to Your Hospital Radiothon. He has been involved with the Radiothon since its first year and became co-chair during its second year.

1. Why do you think it’s important to volunteer?
I believe that anybody who is in a position to do so, should find an activity that contributes to the community in which we live. Being self employed, I have some flexibility with my time, which affords me this. That being said, being a husband and father of three, it’s definitely a fine balance!

2. What made you decide to volunteer with the Foundation?
I work in the wonderful world of finance, with a strong concentration in estate planning through life insurance. Through my upbringing in this profession, I’ve been fortunate to be exposed to the planning of charitable gifts. Many of these gifts have made their way to the Woodstock Hospital, and I am supremely proud of this. Volunteering with the foundation seemed like a natural compliment to my practice, something I can really get behind and believe in. Being involved with the Radiothon specifically, which supports the Maternal Child Department, really hits home after having three children of my own.

3. What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining a volunteer committee?
If it’s a committee responsible for something that is close to your heart, go for it. All in all, it’s flexible enough to accommodate busy schedules, it introduces you to common minded folks, and allows you to participate in some very meaningful projects that definitely make a difference.

4.Tell us about your favourite volunteer moment.
The actual day of the Radiothon are my favourite volunteer hours. We set up in the hospital lobby and take the publics donations in person, getting a chance to hear about how the good work of the hospital staff has positively affected their lives. The amount of generosity is always surprising, no matter how consistent.

5. What impact do you believe you’ve been able to make through volunteering?
Leading up the Radiothon, part of my duty involves canvasing local business for their support. The sponsorship funds raised go directly towards much needed equipment that improves the experience of mothers delivering babies in our county. This certainly makes a measurable impact.

6. Have you learned anything new about yourself by volunteering with the Foundation?
I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything new about myself in particular, but I do feel as though I am more aware of the importance of having organizations like the Woodstock Hospital Foundation, and how important it is to give when you can, and what you can, to help your friends and neighbours.